...I am Ariana, your Intuitive Reiki Therapist and wellbeing guide. I created I am Azizam Reiki to share the gift of Reiki after training with both the Japanese and Western lineages.

My Story

I work with you, to help carry your connection to self to a deeper level. I truly believe that we all have access to a power within us that helps us heal and grow, and I am reminded daily of the importance of our connection to self, earth, and nature as part of that process.

After experiencing the overwhelming benefits of Reiki in my own life and the lives of those close to me, I am excited to work together and to help intuitively guide you on your own unique healing journey.

You are invited into this sacred space, to come as you are, relax, and be open to the natural power of Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Rei, meaning universal and Ki, meaning energy, is the lifeforce of all beings; an intelligence that lies within which can become blocked, out of sync, or frozen.

Over time, this can manifest into anxiety, disconnect, aches and pains and mental blockages.

Through a meditative practice, we access this energy whilst lightly laying the hands on the body or, if touch isn’t preferred, we can lay the hands in the aura, which aids the restoration of our energy so it can flow freely, deepening your connection to self and supporting you on your healing journey.


As a licensed Reiki Therapist, I have been increasingly sharing these gifts over the past couple of years and I’m excited to announce that my books are now open for new clients! To those of you who are looking to connect with yourselves on a soul level, to develop a deeper relationship with you, this is my invitation.


"Ariana is a truly incredible intuitive Reiki healer. Her Reiki treatment resulted in huge energetic shifts, relieved stress, and reduced my anxiety. Our discussion afterwards on what we both experienced matched up perfectly and really helped me to understand and speak about the blockages that were found and work on overcoming them. I thoroughly recommend Ariana's Reiki to everyone!"  

- Shannon, Photographer -


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