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Local therapists that we love...


Ariana Aziz

Reiki Practitioner

Hello, I am Ariana, your Intuitive Reiki Therapist, and wellbeing guide. I created I am Azizam Reiki to share the gift of Reiki after training with both the Japanese and Western lineages. I work with you, to help carry your connection to self to a deeper level. I truly believe that we all have access to a power within us that helps us heal and grow, and I am reminded daily of the importance of our connection to self, earth, and nature as part of that process.

After experiencing the overwhelming benefits of Reiki in my own life and the lives of those close to me, I am excited to work together and to help intuitively guide you on your own unique healing journey.

You are invited into this sacred space, to come as you are, relax, and be open to the natural power of Reiki.


If you have any questions before booking or would like to talk to me more about how we can work together, please email me to arrange a convenient time to talk.

I am excited to get to know you!

07456 414474


Sukhi Tsang

Massage Therapist

Hello, I am Sukhi, a passionate bodyworker who aims to relieve pain through a trained and intuitive touch and therapeutic massage. I am trained by the renowned Jing Institute of Advanced Massage, learning from their techniques such as Myofascia release, precise Trigger point work, and Acupressure release for different pain issues.

The treatment I offer will encourage a sense of deep relaxation as well as pain release where necessary.

My years in personal growth work have led to an in-depth understanding of the body-mind-emotional connection and as such can recognise and aid with releasing tensions from the body.


My love of healing has led me to learn many different techniques within the sphere of Emotional Release through bodywork. With this experience, I am able to recognise and can readily assist with emotions that are stuck in the body.


I also incorporate Quantum-Touch in my treatments, an energy technique that has proven to complement well within these treatments.


Anna Bihari

Holistic Therapist

Hello, I am Anna a holistic therapist offering a wide variety of body and energy healing treatments, with a special interest in bringing different modalities together.

I am trained in a variety of massage styles and can combine techniques to bring about the best results. All sessions start with a brief consultation and drawing up a quick treatment plan.

My treatments are sometimes slow, deep and localized, and other times more refreshing, flowing and energizing. It really depends on your wants and needs on the day. I always carefully listen to both what you tell me about your health, and what your body whispers to me, and I alter techniques and pace accordingly.

Other than massages and facial treatments, I also offer Reflexology, Reiki Healing and Flower Essence Therapy at Floating Feather. I offer these treatments with the aim to harmonize and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. The humble power of these age-old and beautiful practices never fails to amaze me.

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