The Therapists


Marta De Ferrari

Founder & Therapist

Hello, I'm Marta, the founder of Floating Feather.

I am a holistic multi-disciplinary health practitioner, specialising in bringing patients to balance through ayurvedic and aromatherapy techniques.

I am formally trained in Aromatherapy, 

Massage Therapy, Facials, and Ayurvedic healing. 

I draw on my knowledge from the magical powers of essential oils, plants, herbs, my love of nature, and crystal healing to work in harmony with our physical and energetic bodies.

I deeply believe in the connection between our emotional and physical bodies and that, to achieve a state of well-being, we must look at our healing process as a whole.

I also create homemade, plant-based, natural perfumes and beauty products, feel free to discover them on


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Sukhi Tsang

Massage Therapist

Sukhi is a passionate bodyworker who aims to relieve pain through a trained and intuitive touch.

She is trained by the renowned Jing Institute of Advanced Massage, learning from their techniques such as Myofascia release, precise Trigger point work, and Acupressure release for different pain issues.

The treatment will encourage a sense of deep relaxation as well as pain release where necessary.

Her years in personal growth work have led to an in-depth understanding of the body-mind-emotional connection and as such can recognise and aid with releasing tensions from the body.


Sukhi also incorporates Quantum Touch in her treatments, an energy technique which has proven to complement well within these treatments.

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