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The Therapists


Marta De Ferrari

Founder & Therapist

Hello, I'm Marta, the founder of Floating Feather.

I am a holistic multi-disciplinary health practitioner, specialising in bringing patients to balance through ayurvedic and aromatherapy techniques.

I am formally trained in Aromatherapy, 

Massage Therapy, Facials, and Ayurvedic healing. 

I draw on my knowledge from the magical powers of essential oils, plants, herbs, my love of nature, and crystal healing to work in harmony with our physical and energetic bodies.

I deeply believe in the connection between our emotional and physical bodies and that, to achieve a state of well-being, we must look at our healing process as a whole.

I also create homemade, plant-based, natural perfumes and beauty products, feel free to discover them on

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