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Holistic therapies for body and soul.

My Services

I've trained for the past few years in aromatherapy and ayurveda, I offer an array of services varying from relaxing and therapeutic massages, ayurvedic hands-on treatments and consultations, and holistic facials. 

Oil Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Ancient full body massage that makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Performed with a tailored Ayurvedic blend of warm oil to balance your dosha.

Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing, full-body massage that will transport you to a no-worries land.

The pressure and blends are tailored for you on the day.

I don't work with pre-blended oils.

Natural & Organic Facial

A sensual and deeply relaxing experience, a tailored facial treatment, incorporating a facial routine using Neil's Yard Remedies Organic products to suit your skin type, combined with face, hands, arms and scalp massage.

Hello, I'm Marta...


I am an Aromatherapist and Ayurvedic practitioner, with a natural talent for healing, specialising in bringing patients to balance through ayurvedic and aromatherapy techniques.

I’ve been learning about and practicing holistic medicine since 2017. I’ve studied a range of modalities and am always adding to my professional knowledge. Read more about my experience as a healer below.

What people say...


Jitka (therapist)

The best aromatherapy massage I have ever had! Marta's presence is very healing already and her skills and energy did a wonder. She released tension from my body, relaxed me entirely and also held the space beautifully when some emotions came up! True healer!

Dan (yoga teacher)

Marta has the magic! I entered the session with the weight of the world on my shoulders and left feeling quite the opposite.
Marta performs her art with elegance and love and will help you feel whole again.

Thank you for helping me Marta.

Ella (student)

I have been going to Marta for almost two years, and always have an amazing experience. I have ME and find that Marta’s massages are the only time I feel properly able to relax, as it helps reduce my joint and muscle pain. Marta is extremely kind and takes care to ensure your experience is tailored to your need. Her aromatherapy products are also amazing! I would definitely recommend Floating Feather

Justin (publisher)

I have been seeing Marta for over a year now and it’s fantastic. Every visit she creates a new aromatherapy mix of oils to help aid my well-being, based on how I’m feeling. It’s always a very calming and relaxing experience and so much more spiritual than a massage at a beauty salon. I thoroughly recommend it!!!


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