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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind

Hello everyone!

This month, I’d like to talk about ways to give your mind a mental spring clean. Just like tidying up our physical spaces, decluttering our minds can transform our lives.

Join us as we explore the powerful benefits of spring cleaning your mind and discover how it can bring a renewed sense of peace and balance to your life.

1. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help you declutter your mind. But how?

Mindfulness brings attention to the present moment by accepting and allowing thoughts to pass without attachment. 

Through this practice of non-reactivity, mindfulness helps detach from negative thoughts and emotions, clearing mental clutter and increasing mental clarity.

How to do it

To begin, carve out a few moments each day. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. As thoughts arise, gently acknowledge them without judgement and guide your attention back to the present moment.

The benefits

Regular mindfulness can be a transformative experience. You can expect boosted mental clarity, reduced stress levels, and an increased sense of calm. 

With consistent practice, you can create space for intentionality and focus, allowing you to approach tasks and challenges with a greater sense of peace and presence.

2. Breathwork

Your breath is a powerful tool to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Breathwork is a technique for focusing the mind and achieving mental clarity. It involves intentionally controlling the breath to stimulate emotional release, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

How to do it

Lie down in a comfortable position and take conscious deep breaths stimulating the release of emotions and tension held in the body. This allows the mind to free itself from any negative thoughts or emotions.

The benefits

Breathwork has many benefits including improving emotional regulation and self-awareness. Practising breathwork can help to decrease repetitive, negative thought patterns, leading to a more focused and clear mind.

3. Meditation

Through the intentional practice of stillness and introspection, meditation allows us to deepen our spiritual connection and access higher levels of consciousness.

How to do it

Meditation involves finding a quiet space, sitting comfortably, and focusing your attention on a chosen point of focus, such as the breath, a mantra, or a visualisation. 

Starting with 5 to 10-minute sessions several times a week is best.

The benefits

Through consistent practice, meditation helps to quiet the mind, observe thoughts without attachment, and cultivate a state of mindful awareness.

It also serves as a tool for spiritual growth, fostering a deeper connection to inner self, higher consciousness, and a sense of purpose.

4. Aromatherapy massage

This holistic healing technique is ideal for rejuvenating the mind and to reduce stress. The therapist uses aromatic natural essential oils alongside a soothing massage to relax the body and mind.

How to do it

Using natural plant-based oils, an aromatherapy massage utilises the aroma of the oils to

stimulate the olfactory sense, which is directly linked to the brain's emotional center. 

Coupled with the soothing touch of the massage, the body reaches a state of balance and harmony.

The oils used in aromatherapy massage offer various relaxing and therapeutic benefits.

  • Lavender oil has been shown to reduce anxiety levels, while peppermint oil can stimulate the senses, creating refreshment and energy. 

  • Cardamon increases openness and enthusiasm for new things and all kinds of change.

  • Nutmeg creates enthusiasm and an appetite for adventure. It releases old energy, behaviour, and thought patterns that are no longer of service, and prepares one for the new. It creates a welcoming foundation.

  • Cypress is cleansing and grounding, creating a constructive atmosphere for evaluating choices. It can offer inner strength and confidence when faced with more challenging change. It also calms the mind and emotions and reduces anxiety.

  • Tangerine and orange are also great choices. Both are uplifting and optimistic. They bring emotional vitality to transitions. Tangerine allows one to realise change without a great amount of anxiety, drama, or trauma. 

  • Orange helps one detach from drama, expel negativity, and feel confident and courageous. It releases negativity and draws in positive energy. 

  • Ginger has a sharp, crisp fragrance like cardamon and it too creates drive and action and helps one overcome procrastination. To brighten the senses, citrus and mint oils can aid in a shift from sluggish to energising. 

Essential oils that are fresh, uplifting, flowery, and spring like with floral notes may bring about states of happiness and new beginnings.

The benefits

This type of massage brings about mental wellness, through mental clarity, stress reduction and emotional healing. It is particularly beneficial for those with anxiety or other mental health issues.

If this sounds like the perfect treatment for your well-being journey, you can book with one of our team here.

5. Create a mental plan

This may sound like work, but it’s a wonderful way to organise your thoughts in a manageable and inspiring way. 

Making a plan for your goals, dreams and ideas, you can foster a clear vision of what you want to achieve and take meaningful steps towards realising them.

How to do it

Organising your thoughts in this way requires intentional action. The first step is to create a clear vision of what you want to achieve. This could include breaking down large goals into smaller, more manageable ones, establishing deadlines, and creating a plan of action for each step.

Once you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, prioritise the tasks you need to complete to reach your goals. This helps create a sense of direction and focus, ensuring that you allocate your time and resources effectively.

Make sure to sort through your ideas in terms of those that are not feasible and focus on those that are most valuable or significant.

The benefits

It’s empowering to feel in charge of your thoughts. Making a mental plan will help you feel less anxious if that’s something you struggle with. It will make you more focused, and less overwhelmed. 

As you begin to take action on your plan, you’ll experience an increased sense of productivity, enabling you to achieve your goals more efficiently.


Thank you for joining me in learning about all the ways you can spring clean your mind. The good news is that positive change can start today. 

By adding these holistic approaches into your life, you can start on a path to a harmonious relationship with your body and mind whilst feeling powerful, calm and rejuvenated. 

If you’re interested in discovering all the therapies the team at Floating Feather offers, have a look at our full range today.

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