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Why is holistic healing important?

Hello everyone!

This month, I would love to share my thoughts and knowledge on the following topic, which I hope will empower and uplift you.

In this blog, we’ll introduce the many benefits of holistic healing and explore just how helpful it can be for your mental well-being and your physical well-being. 

Holistic healing is at the core of what we do at Floating Feather.

We love to help our clients connect to their mind, body, and spirit; recognising that true healing occurs when all aspects of our being are in harmony.

Read on to find out why holistic healing is so powerful and how it can benefit you.

Mental well-being

In our fast-paced and stress-filled lives, taking care of our mental health becomes even more important than ever. It’s also one of the kindest things you can do for yourself. 

Holistic healing techniques such as meditation, mindfulness, and aromatherapy provide great tools for relaxation, stress reduction, and emotional balance. 

These practices help quiet the mind, alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression, and help to foster a state of calmness and well-being.

We offer…a selection of holistic treatments such as deep tissue, relaxing massage, aromatherapy, hot stone, and warm bamboo massage, as well as hypno massage, reflexology, and energy healing therapies like Reiki. 

For the ultimate relaxation, we can combine treatments based on our skill sets.,

For example, a wonderful Moon Ritual Massage can help you connect to the moon energy to highlight discrepancies between your dreams and reality. This can be combined with a relaxing facial to rejuvenate your skin.

Physical well-being

Holistic healing uses a comprehensive approach that considers the body as a whole, addressing not only the symptoms but the underlying causes of health issues. 

Natural therapies such as herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homoeopathy work together with the body's innate healing capabilities, stimulating the body's energy flow and promoting self-healing. 

By treating the root cause rather than solely focusing on the symptoms, holistic healing aims for long-lasting physical health benefits.

Essential oils are also good tools to help with both physical and mental healing. Spicy and warming oils (clover, ginger, black pepper) help stimulate the blood flow to the muscles, helping with aches and pains. 

Other oils, like turmeric and lemon, help boost the immune system, and herbaceous oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, pine) oils help with the respiratory system.

A personalised approach

We believe one of the greatest strengths of holistic healing is how it can be adapted to the individual. 

Each person is beautifully unique, and holistic practitioners realise that what works for one person may not work for another. 

By considering the person as a whole and tailoring treatment plans to individual needs, holistic healing offers a more personalised and effective approach to health and wellness.

Here at Floating Feather, we have amazing therapists who take time before your treatment to assess your physical and emotional needs and tailor the treatment to give you bespoke and personalised help.

We blend a tailored mix of essential oils (we don't work with pre-blended oils) or we can combine different treatments and skill sets based on your needs.


Holistic healing places a strong emphasis on prevention rather than relying solely on treating illnesses. 

By encouraging a healthy lifestyle, using mindful practices, and having natural remedies, holistic healing focuses on maintaining optimal health and preventing diseases from manifesting. 

This proactive approach not only helps to prevent illness but also nurtures your physical and mental well-being. It also helps you connect to your body in a new way and understand yourself on a deeper level.

The mind & body connection

Holistic healing emphasises and celebrates the link between our mental and physical health

Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs deeply influence our physical well-being. 

By addressing the emotional and psychological sides of ourselves alongside the physical symptoms, holistic healing aims to restore this delicate balance and welcome healing on all levels.

Energy Healing

Various energy-based therapies such as Reiki and crystal healing are used in holistic healing. 

These techniques operate at the energetic level of our being, encouraging the flow of vital energy throughout the body, removing blockages, and restoring balance. 

Energy healing practices can help alleviate chronic pain and reduce stress, restoring a healthy flow of energy through the physical self.

We offer Reiki sessions, which are great for holistic healing because they work on balancing the body's energy system, promoting deep relaxation, and reducing feelings of stress. 

By addressing the root causes of physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances, Reiki helps to power the body's natural healing abilities and supports your general well-being.

We also offer sound healing and can combine it with a massage. 

Sound healing can bring you deep relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety relief, pain relief, improved mood, enhanced cognitive and motor functioning and emotional balance. 

Did you know that sound vibrations have a profound effect on the mind and body, promoting healing effects?


Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic healing is not just about treatments and techniques done professionally, it is also about embracing a holistic lifestyle

What is involved in a holistic lifestyle? 

  • Healthy eating

  • Regular exercise

  • Fostering nourishing relationships

  • Cultivating a positive mindset.

By integrating these elements into our daily lives, we can maintain a state of well-being and align ourselves with the natural rhythms of life.

As you can see, holistic healing can play a key role in your physical and mental well-being and can help you both look and feel your best self.

It works with the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our being to achieve a state of balance and harmony that takes us on the path to optimal health.

So, why not explore holistic healing further and experience the incredible benefits it has to offer? Your well-being deserves it!

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